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Morphos Genesi has launched their EFIKA developer's program. The EFIKA is a "performance evaluation board based around the MPC5200B PowerPC system-on-chip from Freescale Semiconductor" The only thing you need to do, so it seems, is post a possible use for the EFIKA board on a thread on
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RE: "The only thing you need to do"
by warface on Fri 20th Jan 2006 08:02 UTC in reply to ""The only thing you need to do""
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"I'd love to love Genesi, especially with all their offerings out there, but how they screwed over MorphOS in the past will haunt them forever."

You mean supported MorphOS with their Pegasos Developer Program? MorphOS is still an available target platform for their Efika developer program as well?

I know hard times hit in, and there were money related or other pending issues, but the one who invested most in MorphOS development by far is still Genesi. I hope issues will be ironed out one day, but as far as I see, support is still there.

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