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Morphos Genesi has launched their EFIKA developer's program. The EFIKA is a "performance evaluation board based around the MPC5200B PowerPC system-on-chip from Freescale Semiconductor" The only thing you need to do, so it seems, is post a possible use for the EFIKA board on a thread on
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Nice that once again there will be a developer program. Although personally, being just a consumer, I'm rather looking forward to the 4U2, i.e. a complete sub-notebook device. Would be convenient to get some stuff done on it (assuming that MorphOS will run on it) while sitting in the train to and from work.

Regarding that very old (and, to be honest, boring, since there have been no really new facts added for two years or so) discussion about Genesi <-> MorphOS at certain forums from time to time, I'd suggest to finally draw a line now and restart.

Of course I could go on myself now, mentioning that many good things Genesi achieved - not only to their customers especially regarding the free Peg1/April exchanges, but also to MorphOS by investitions, promotions and hardware supply ALSO to MorphOS developers, not just Linux ones, even during the previous two years -, but that would probably just again provoke further postings about some mistakes made by Genesi and of course the problems this startup company did have by nature.

No, my actual point is that I do not understand what those few but vocal anti-Genesi posters think to achieve by this?

Okay, there may be some really fanatical OS4 fans among them who simply want to hurt MorphOS (like I guess almost any OS does have such questionable "missionaries", especially when it has forks of 'brother OSs' within its bigger family) - but I guess that quite a lot are also people who do really like and actually use MorphOS. I.e. people who are just disappointed and/or upset because the bright start MorphOS did have could not be kept at the same strength later due to financially tougher interim times for Genesi.

But especially the latter group (but also the former, since ATM MorphOS seems to be the ONLY post-Commodore AmigaOS with a slight but justified chance of commercial success) therefore would achieve nothing else than the final deathblow for MorphOS by still continueing to accuse Genesi for not supporting MorphOS (or rather: for not supporting it as much as those posting that stuff would have wished, I'd say).

I'm really noone who would praise Genesi to have always done everything right - definitely not! But what everyone has to understand, IMHO, is that Genesi seems to be the last, best chance for the Amiga operating systems to gain some momentum again (within a certain niche, of course). Of course nobody is forced to love Genesi - but why can't the detractors, for the OS's sake, just stay silent instead of repeating the same stuff again and again? Let's just step back for a while and watch what happens.

Being a MorphOS fan and despite or because of this fact trying to hurt Genesi's attempts to achieve some business opportunity for MorphOS - that's almost as insane as the fratricidal war of AmigaOS4 fanatics attacking MorphOS: in the end there would be very likely no Amiga-like OS at all anymore (not counting a handful of AROS coders, maybe).

Thus, liking the advantages of the traditional AmigaOS, at least I personally would clearly prefer to see any Amiga-like OS to outlive - no matter in the end if it would be MorphOS, AmigaOS4, AROS or AmigaOS/AfA - instead of all of them failing due to these childish flame wars. Because then I'd have to use really "alien" operating systems instead of just a close relative of my post-Commodore AmigaOS of choice.

So, PLEASE, let's draw a line and try a restart - ALL of us. Not for Genesi, but for the AmigaOS successors.

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