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BSD and Darwin derivatives DragonFly BSD 1.4 is the third major release of Matthew Dillon's fork of the FreeBSD operating system, and significant progress has been made towards reaching many of the project's numerous goals. New in this release include a more up to date version of the GNU Compiler Collection (required due to the incread use of thread local storage in DragonFly), an import of NetBSD's Citrus code (Comprehensive I18N Framework Towards Respectable Unix Systems), major reworking of all core subsystems in preparation for removing the MP lock, rewrites of various VFS related code and many updated drivers, frameworks and contributed programs.
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Mark Williamson
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I generally follow the DFly Digest at and most of the articles are either something kernel-ish, or something bizarre to do with pkgsrc (I generally focus on all the kernel stuff). I generally got the impression that high-level concerns weren't really on the developers' radar, but I guess they are (and Joerg in particular) trying to cover all bases. pkgsrc seems like a really cool system to me, and I hope that after a little time they'll be able to get it working properly.

I'm still not clear on the licensing issues behind the port of Sun's ZFS, but I'm sure Matt has some vision has to how this will all fit in. It certainly sounds like it'd be a worthy replacement filesystem.

There was (at one stage) a Xen port of DFly in progress by Kip Macy (the dude who did process checkpointing). He switched to implementing this support for FreeBSD because then he was allowed to do it in his work time. It'd be really cool to see that code (which is now going into the FreeBSD mainline) ported back into DFly too (most of the hard work is in the architecture dependent code and the device drivers, so in both cases the interfaces have hopefully not diverged so much as to make this very tedious).

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