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Morphos Genesi has launched their EFIKA developer's program. The EFIKA is a "performance evaluation board based around the MPC5200B PowerPC system-on-chip from Freescale Semiconductor" The only thing you need to do, so it seems, is post a possible use for the EFIKA board on a thread on
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Ah, I think I see why some people are so quick to overlook the past crimes of Genesi: they are desperately hoping that Genesi will provide them with a future for their preferred platform.

To me, forgiving Genesi because they are "the last, best chance for the Amiga operating systems to gain some momentum again" is stupid. I care very little whether the Amiga platform is revived. It is not that big of an issue to me. My criticisms for Genesi have absolutely nothing to do with OS4 or anything else.

In fact, I can appreciate some of the good things that Genesi have done. In particular, I like that they have provided hardware to Gentoo, which is my preferred Linux distro, but that does not factor into my criticism either.

Why do I not want to draw a line and restart? Why am I unwilling forget about what happened? For the simple fact that pretending it never happened shows a tacit approval for Genesi's previous tactics and is another slap in the face for their victims, having the double humiliation of being cheated and having nobody believe them.

Genesi has a black mark on them. It has been there for two years. It is not that hard to fix it. Until they do, I do not trust them and will encourage others to do likewise. This is not about my own selfishness in wanting to revive the Amiga. It is bigger than that. If the situation were different, I would be hoping for Genesi's success, but things are what they are.

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