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Apple "I figured out a way to get into the EFI menu on the new Intel iMac. I was attempting to install Vista, which did not work. As I discovered from poking around in the EFI there is no support for UDF or El Torito volumes. It seems only GPT and APM is supported. Writing a driver for EFI to support UDF should be easy enough for someone who knows how, one might even exist already. I'm going to give step-by-step instructions for getting in to the EFI so that some enterprising people will get to work on installing Windows."
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Yay, now I can run Windows on Macs!!!
by MightyPenguin on Fri 20th Jan 2006 15:04 UTC
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I just think it's funny that the #1 thing everyone wants to do once they get the new macs is run Windows on it. Don't you hear yourselves? It's like you want the snobby 1337n355 factor of Macs with the applications of Windows. I just find it amusing.

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