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OSNews, Generic OSes GNU/DOS 2006, the latest version of the FreeDOS distribution, has been released. New features include an easy installation/upgrade, package management utilities, the MTXE screen saver, Arachne GPL version 1.89, OpenGEM Release 5, vim 6.4, and other updates. Download it here.
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I use DOS
by warriorspot on Fri 20th Jan 2006 15:46 UTC
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Yes, I use DOS quite a bit. I have it installed on a PII 400 machine, and an old Pentium 75 laptop. What can you do with it? Well:

AIM - bsflite aim client
Web browsing and email: Arachne. Has lots of plugins for audio and video and so on.
IRC - can't remember the name of this one
Office - Word 6.0, VDE, lots of freeware spreadsheets and word processors. The spreadsheet I occasionally use supports exporting/importing comma-delimited text.
Database - several freeware databases. I use D-Base sometimes (The spreadsheet I mentioned above interacts well with D-Base)
Graphics - Pixel32. Amazing DOS software
Music - lots of players for Mp3, CD, wav and others.
Games - TONS., There are many great strategy, adventure, arcade, and action games out there. Master of Magic, Panzer General, Fantasy General, and on and on.
Development - DOS is a great assembly language platform. Also, there are many languages available, including a port of the GNU C/C++/Objective-C toolchain.
UNIX - there are ports of alot of the standard UNIX tools to DOS. I use VIM alot for example, as well as the standard UNIX shell commands (ls, mv, cp, rm, etc...). DOS also has sftp and ssh, which I use to move files to/from the DOS box to my other machines.

I use Caldera OpenDOS, which supports pre-emptive multitasking, and has some nice features beyond what MS-DOS 6.22 had.

In all, I just have fun using old software and systems.


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