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Morphos Genesi has launched their EFIKA developer's program. The EFIKA is a "performance evaluation board based around the MPC5200B PowerPC system-on-chip from Freescale Semiconductor" The only thing you need to do, so it seems, is post a possible use for the EFIKA board on a thread on
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I think your trolling is 100% FUD. You have made three posts during your entire OSNews membership and they are all in this thread, but your knowledge is slightly more aged and stinks like old cheese. You have an axe to grind and you are doing your best to create problems.

What "crimes" have Genesi committed? Name one. What do you need to "forget?" Your "black" is not mine. Were you cheated and humiliated? Come clean scumbag...

Oh yes! You are probably one of "them." You have three fingers on each hand, eat mustard with your corn flakes and like dark damp places. You must be baaaaaad.


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