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Intel With the next Itanium chip, Intel has abandoned a feature it once banked on but that never proved successful. Circuitry to let Itanium run software for x86 chips, such as Pentium and Xeon chips, is not present in the forthcoming 'Montecito' processor, according to the 176-page reference manual (.pdf) for the chip published this week. Update: El Reg has more on this story.
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Why use Itanium?
by stare on Sat 21st Jan 2006 18:45 UTC
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Because its the fastest processor available. Look at the top500 list. And ia64 is very progressive and powerful architecture, problem is the lack of good compiler for it. But AFAIK Intel is working hard to improve the compiler, and they hunt and buy all professional compiler developer teams they can find around the world. In 2005 IA64 compiler got 30% performance rise.

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