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Windows The personification of the duality-in-man, Paul Thurrot, takes a look at Windows Live. "In this article, I'll examine the genesis of Windows Live, and take a look at how Microsoft plans to capitalize on the integration of Windows with various Web-based services and products. Then, I'll briefly examine each of the Windows Live services that the company plans to ship this year, saving full reviews of each service for their eventual ship dates."
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Looking Good
by Yamin on Sat 21st Jan 2006 20:07 UTC
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Yeop, I've been getting some of the betas for the live products and they're quite nice.

Windows Live Homepage - similar to google homepage is basically the same thing. I couldn't find many functional differences, but the Windows site does common sense stuff ( like offering a CHOICE for celcius ;) ). It also looks cleaner, but overall, not much difference.

Windows Live Messenger - this is a bit of a dissapointment for me. It's basically the same as MSN Messenger, but too much graphical space is wasted. It's not a 'clean' look as opposed to the Windows Live Homepage.

Windows Live OneCare - I downloaded this and I guess it worked fine, but since I've become comfortable with AVG antivirus and my own anti-spyware solutions, I didn't really see any advantage in this. However, for the average user, I think its a great solution as it automatically updates, doesn't have many options, and is clean.

It's definitely looking good I'd say.

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