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PC-BSD The second release candidate of PC-BSD 1.0 has been released. From the announcement: "The latest cut of PC-BSD, version 1.0RC2 is now available! This update adds KDE 3.5 support, as well as some additional features/bugfixes. ISO's may now be downloaded from our main download page. Users currently running under PC-BSD 1.0RC1 can also download a self-installing system update, which upgrades the system to 1.0RC2. This file is available on our Updates page, as Patch #6."
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Geometry bug
by ozonehole on Sun 22nd Jan 2006 03:58 UTC
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I loved FreeBSD when I used it a few years ago, and no doubt would love PC-BSD, but I won't install either again until that geometry bug gets fixed. It's been a problem for years and years, and only exists on FreeBSD (not NetBSD or OpenBSD). Is it really impossible to fix?

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, your hard disk's geometry table easily gets messed up when you try to install FreeBSD on a drive with other OSs. If you devote the entire drive to FreeBSD, it's a non-issue. But I'm not willing to run FreeBSD only - it's got to co-exist with my other operating systems. Unfortunately, it doesn't do that well.

Yes, I know that some people will come back with the comment that they have FreeBSD installed on their hard disk along with Windows and Linux, and it's "no problem." Unfortunately, it is a problem. Some Linux installers, for example, will detect the geometry problem and exit with an error message. The possibility of losing data also cannot be ignored.

I just wish the FreeBSD developers would deal with this. Then it really would be my favorite operating system.

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