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PC-BSD The second release candidate of PC-BSD 1.0 has been released. From the announcement: "The latest cut of PC-BSD, version 1.0RC2 is now available! This update adds KDE 3.5 support, as well as some additional features/bugfixes. ISO's may now be downloaded from our main download page. Users currently running under PC-BSD 1.0RC1 can also download a self-installing system update, which upgrades the system to 1.0RC2. This file is available on our Updates page, as Patch #6."
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RE[3]: PC-BSD Rocks
by dylansmrjones on Sun 22nd Jan 2006 14:07 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: PC-BSD Rocks"
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I know the fonts. Have them as well, including Tahoma which isn't a part of the corefonts-package. But I just drag'n'drop the font from /mnt/c/windows/fonts to fonts:/// ;)

I wonder what linux distributions you used. It doesn't sound like distributions I would touch of my own free will.

When you modify ftoption.h are you removing antialiasing or adding support for BCI (or both)? Fonts look like crap without antialiasing, no matter the platform, unless you're using a low resolution. Fonts without antialiazing looks bad on Windows XP/2K3 and they look ugly too on Mac (deemed from screenshots) and GNU/Linux. I prefer the way from Windows 2000-way with antialiazing off for small font sizes and on for large font sizes.

You don't have to make such modifications anymore with FreeType - not on *BSD, nor on linux. This is btw. for all platforms using a new version of FT2. In earlier days you had to make such modifications - true for all platforms. It's FT2 specific and not system specific AFAICT.

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