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Bugs & Viruses "It was during the opening weeks of 1986 that the first PC virus, called Brain, was discovered in the wild. Though it achieved fame because it was the first of its type, the virus was not widespread as it could only travel by hitching a ride on floppy disks swapped between users. Now 20 years after they first appeared there are more than 150000 malicious programs in existence."
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It might sound like a "conspiracy theory" but hey, it makes some sense, at least to me; and to you =). I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that AV companies are not all "above board".

I think if they were doing that, somebody on the outside would've found out about it by now. If I went to work for one of the AV companies and found out this was going on, I wouldn't hesitate to spill the beans, even if it meant a possible jail sentence for breaking whatever NDA they have in place.

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