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Bugs & Viruses "It was during the opening weeks of 1986 that the first PC virus, called Brain, was discovered in the wild. Though it achieved fame because it was the first of its type, the virus was not widespread as it could only travel by hitching a ride on floppy disks swapped between users. Now 20 years after they first appeared there are more than 150000 malicious programs in existence."
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Yeah, I had the same experience back in the DOS days. 8 years without a virus or reboot! Ah the glory days...

I really should check out this whole Mac thing, it will go great with my miracle healing water and other "no, seriously, it really works!" testimonials I have come to believe from any old person off the street.

To the topic at hand (almost), why does it seem like NortonAV insists on taking over your computer? If I had a dollar for everytime my CivIV game has crashed because Norton decided that it wanted to scan my computer in the middle of the day. Anyone care to make a recommendation for a nonobtrusive AV proggie? I feel like feeding the black helicopters.

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