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Bugs & Viruses "It was during the opening weeks of 1986 that the first PC virus, called Brain, was discovered in the wild. Though it achieved fame because it was the first of its type, the virus was not widespread as it could only travel by hitching a ride on floppy disks swapped between users. Now 20 years after they first appeared there are more than 150000 malicious programs in existence."
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I also remember having problems installing USB webcams on Windows 98. Some time ago I worked on a small repair shop and more often than not, we were asked to install a newer devices on ancient hardware. Back to the webcams specifically, some non-brand manufacturers (which often sent only a paper with a few directions in English and Chinese along with the webcam) strongly recommended to install the drivers prior to plugging the webcam to the PC running Windows 98, otherwise you would be risking having the OS not recognizing the webcam anymore no matter what you do.

And I tried all the tricks that were effective then, including deleting several INF files and forcing hardware detections after that. Skimming a few hardware sites out there, you could see that this was fairly common back then.

My experience suggests that Windows ME was more reliable on that front though, despite it being one of the most hated OSes ever released by MS. Go figure! :-)

Thatīs why I have to agree with both of you. USB was a bit flakey on Windows 98 and mostly on a hit or miss basis.

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