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Windows The personification of the duality-in-man, Paul Thurrot, takes a look at Windows Live. "In this article, I'll examine the genesis of Windows Live, and take a look at how Microsoft plans to capitalize on the integration of Windows with various Web-based services and products. Then, I'll briefly examine each of the Windows Live services that the company plans to ship this year, saving full reviews of each service for their eventual ship dates."
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Vista most certainly is not delivering what the target audience wants without technical issues, since of course it IS NOT A SHIPPING PRODUCT YET. Moreover, the beta testers say it is incredibly buggy and slow.

WTF do you expect? That's why they call it a "beta".

You're doing exactly what Microsoft wants you to do, you're living in the mythical future where you've actually got ahold of that carrot Microsoft has been dangling out in front of you for years. The reality: You don't have it yet. Users of the other OSes do.

LOL. Yeah, like 2% to 3% of users, to be fair.

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