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Databases "In this tutorial I will describe how to install and configure MyDNS, a DNS server that uses a MySQL database as backend instead of configuration files like, for example, Bind or djbdns. This has the advantage that you can easily use web-based frontends to administrate your DNS records. MyDNS simply reads the records from the database, and it does not have to be restarted/reloaded when DNS records change or zones are created/edited/deleted! I will also show how to set up a secondary DNS server, but I will not use normal zone transfers to get the records from the primary to the secondary DNS server; instead, I will use MySQL database replication. I will simply replicate the data from the primary to the secondary server."
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RE: I used myDNS but!
by rajj on Mon 23rd Jan 2006 07:42 UTC in reply to "I used myDNS but!"
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Using a relational database to store non-relational data is absurd.

A casual glance of their database schema shows two tables for soa records and for rr records. Neither of them reference the other.

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