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Windows "Within the next few weeks, Microsoft will be releasing beta 2 of Windows Vista. The actual ship date of Vista hasn't been announced, but Microsoft's new OS is likely to ship sometime this Fall. Since Windows Vista was announced, some of the bleeding-edge features have been scaled back. For example, WinFS, a file system built using relational database concepts, won't be included in the final release. But it's likely that the Windows Vista's feature list is now stable enough that we can predict what kind of system you'll need to build today to accommodate the new OS."
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by CapEnt on Mon 23rd Jan 2006 23:52 UTC
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This sort of expeculation found in this article have a tendency to fail, they feature list is not so stable after all, too much ambiguity about almost half of features cripple this prediction. Even the min specs to run it is not defined with sure. This happened with winxp, happened with win2003 and will happen with Vista. The only way to see what MS will really show to world is the final version being leaked.

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