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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris HP has gone really, really public about its support for Sun's Solaris 10 operating system by sending out an internal memo. HP has long 'officially' supported various versions of Solaris on its Xeon- and Opteron-based servers. Now, however, it's kind of ready to talk about this support. The company this week 'announced' support of Sun's version of Unix in a statement to staff, according to insiders. The Solaris embrace is being pitched as HP's answer to disgruntled Sun customers trying to make their way off SPARC systems and onto HP's x86 kit.
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Solaris isn't even available for the Alpha.

My guess is that HP has access to compilers that will emit Alpha code. (^; OpenSolaris isn't available completely in source yet though so it wouldn't be a no-brainer by any means. There are still encumbered binary portions that cannot be released as source. But given that HP has a few programmers and engineers on staff it isn't impossible that they could cobble something together to fill in for the binary-only portions.

The real issue is that as of today Alpha is dead. It doesn't seem reasonable that they will create an OpenSolaris for discontinued hardware unless they are likely to get lots of support contracts for it. That seems so unlikely that considering the possibility of an OpenSolaris coming from HP is only wishful thinking.

On the other hand I can conceive of a GNU/OpenSolaris for Alpha being a likely possibility.

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