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Linux "With the traditional Microsoft news media turning their collective ear to the rest of the industry, you have to suspect a changing of the guard. But Linux companies don't seem to guage their efforts by what the industry says about Microsoft. Linux just keeps chugging along. So what does the Industry have to say about Microsoft? They say that though many people will swear by the invincibility of Microsoft's ship, it hasn't maneuvered all the icebergs. Collectively, the competition has started ringing up wins. With alternatives in Linux, FireFox, and Apple the Microsoft floating casino has begun to list and sway. Here's how and some of it might surprise you."
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2) OSX wasn't out yet in 1999. OSX is what is going to take out Windows; not LINUX.

Oh, puhleeze! Not THAT again. Please wake me up when Apple drop its prices at least 50 percent to be reallistically competitive with Wintel/Lintel solutions. Until then, I believe that this possible Apple dominance that a few Macheads have been talking about will be restricted entirely to the USA boundaries.

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A latin american citizen thatīd love to use an Apple machine...

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