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Hardware, Embedded Systems A Dutch company has released an Alpha emulator for Windows XP (what's with the buzz around Alpha lately, people?). From their website: "The PersonalAlpha software lets you run your Alpha/OpenVMS software on a standard Personal Computer. Imagine running your VMS- programs on your office PC, notebook or computer at home. Develop, test and run Alpha/OpenVMS applications wherever you are. This product proves that Alpha-virtualization in software is possible and commercially available. PersonalAlpha is the 32-bit prelude to a suite of 64-bit VirtualAlpha software products that Emulators International soon will release. These solutions allow you to replace your Alpha computers without changing the applications."
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by viton on Tue 24th Jan 2006 19:19 UTC
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This product proves that Alpha-virtualization in software is possible
Wow! So what is the trouble with emulation of RISC cpu on x86?

Buy and try PersonalAlpha to decide whether VirtualAlpha is a viable solution for your problem.
Hmm, did i understand them correctly?
I think $465 is too much for trying the unknown software cpu emulator (well, with couple of devices).

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