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Hardware, Embedded Systems If you are not lucky enough to have access to a 64-bit computer, you might be wondering about some of the implications of having a 32-bit environment alongside the 64-bit one. Read on.
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by re_re on Mon 25th Jul 2005 21:48 UTC
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i have an athalon64 system and i have gentoo installed on it twice on 2 different partitions... the 2 systems are virtually identical except one is full 64 bit and one is 32 bit... the only thing that differs between the 2 installations is the 32 bit install has some plugins not available for 64 bit.. that's it they both run gcc3.4.4, kde 3.4.1.... all apps are identical

now.. the first thing i noticed with the 64 bit system was the general speed of the gui..... very nice and snappy.... a bit faster then the 32 bit, but the second and most amazing thing was the substantial decrease in compile times...... I clocked it out to somewhere in the vacinity of 30-50% faster depending on the application that is being compiled

I was impressed

now i know much of this has to do with the utulization of the added registers in 64 bit but... wow

this is the first 64 bit machine i have build and... i'll never go back.

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