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Internet Explorer "Elements of Microsoft's next-generation Web browsing software have been posted on a Windows-related blog site, including screen shots of what the application may look like and a link to some of its code. While the links to the build code for what appears to be a beta version of Internet Explorer 7 have since been yanked off the Windows forum, the site is still showing off roughly 14 screen shots of the browser. The person who originally posted the links and photos to the site has since removed the ability for users to click through to the code sample, reportedly at Microsoft's request. However, indicated that before removing the code it was downloaded as many as 12000 times."
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RE[2]: I wonder why...
by ZaNkY on Tue 24th Jan 2006 21:11 UTC in reply to "RE: I wonder why..."
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Well, what reasons have MS given in the past about the reason they don't release source code and the reason they limit who has access to the source code of say, Windows?

Fear of exploits and vulns is the only reason that I've ever heard. If you know some other reasons, enlighten me ;)

I'm not talking about any specific vulns, just speculating, if you noticed, MS didn't politely ask to take the content off, it WENT OFF, as fast as possible too. I didn't even get a look at it, not even screenshots, unless I was going to the wrong site. The only link up there is just a news article about the site being taken down. I think that MS took it down to impede vulns. Maybe it's FUD, maybe it's not.

(vulns = vulnerabilities)


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