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RISC OS "Selling RISC OS to the general public is always going to be difficult; despite some software developements in the last few years, it still lacks features which have long since been ubiquitous on other platforms - especially what might be termed the big three - Windows (more relevantly, WinXP), Mac OS X and Linux. [RISC OS] clearly has many problems to overcome before it can really gain any wider appeal. But instead of mentioning those in further detail once again, I'd like to cover a topic I hinted at in a earlier article - a ready to go RISC OS demo."
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On the other hand...
by Bringbackanonposting on Tue 24th Jan 2006 22:50 UTC
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I will never buying or run it myself. I am not that much a masochist to torture myself with another minority OS. Linux is still tough enough to get by nowdays. Good luck to them though, no disrespect.

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