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Legal "DRM is a lie. When an agenda driven DRM infection peddler gets on a soapbox and blathers about how it is necessary to protect the BMW payments of a producer who leeches off the talented, rest assured, they are lying to you. DRM has absolutely nothing to do with protecting content, it is about protecting the wallets of major corporations. The funny thing is they aren't protecting it from you, they are protecting it from each other."
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"I can't believe how many people believe that intellectual property shouldn't be protected under law. Do they believe that musicians and writers and composers shouldn't receive any payment? "

Yeah, but that argument goes both ways. Making a living is one thing, but when we're buying these artists mansions, nightclubs, hummers, and god what else, and when you take into account that there would be no music "business" were it not for the fans, you might think they'd want to give something back, show some appreciation. But no, greedy bastards that they are, this selfish attitude of the entertainment industry is what's coming back to bite them now. And one might say, but that's capitalism. Except that there's such a thing as public relations, and theirs is not very good.

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