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Linspire "I first demoed Versora Progression Desktop at LinuxWorld Boston in February of 2005, and was impressed by what it could do. Basically it takes all of your essential data and program settings (and even some decidedly nonessential settings) and transfers them to GNU/Linux. I hadn't heard much from the company since then - until Linspire announced a partnership with them recently. The deal is, Progression Desktop will move you from Windows to Linspire without any hassle."
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RE[2]: Outlook
by DeadFishMan on Wed 25th Jan 2006 05:54 UTC in reply to "RE: Outlook"
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? You are trying to move from Outlook 2003 (A full email client) To OSX mail 2.0 (Which is like moving from Outlook to Outlook exspress)

Actually, Outlook is more of a groupware client than an e-mail client with all that calendaring and scheduling stuff. Outlook Express and Mail are more akin to e-mail clients than Outlook. In fact, IMHO both are much better at handling e-mails than Outlook - which is a bit cluttered for someone that only uses it for e-mails - and I prefer them.

Evolution is fine if an Outlook-like app is what floats your boat, but last I heard, Evolution was having a few stability problems that could compromise data eventually while KMail (the mailing part on Kontact) handles several GB of e-mails without a hiccup. Kontact is a better contender on that front, again IMHO.

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