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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Ubuntu has become increasing popular amongst many Linux users, especially users trying Linux for the first time. Just why is Ubuntu so popular? I'll explore some of its features and distributions this month, including Kubuntu and Edubuntu, and try to find out."
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It's NOT meant to be an article
by fsmdave on Wed 25th Jan 2006 06:19 UTC
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Actually, this "article" was meant to be a free software web site review written in 1000 words or less.

These website reviews are designed to point the reader at the key web sites relating to a particular topic.

The review was used as a newsletter which was sent to FSM's subscribers.

It was not designed to tell already informed readers anything new about Ubuntu.

It was designed to show readers--who hadn't already looked--where to go if they want to try Ubuntu or get more info.

Many of our more "interesting" and "in depth" articles have been submitted to OSNews and have not been picked up.

This one article should not be used to make an opinion on the magazine as a whole.

This was just one of well over 200 articles we have released for free.

Happy reading.


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