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GNU, GPL, Open Source GNU is actively developing Gnash, an open source Flash movie player distributed under the GPL license. Based on GameSWF, Gnash will eventually provide complete support for SWF version 7 compliant Flash movies. Implemented with OpenGL and libxml2, Gnash will be avilable as a standalone Flash player, and as a Firefox plug-in. In order to avoid any potential intellectual property conflicts, the Gnash developers are not using any Macromedia tools to facilitate faster development. Instead of reverse engineering Macromedia technologies, the Gnash developers are basing their implementation on the SWF specification.
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If a full OSS implementation of Flash doesn't existk, do you guys just browse the web without Flash?

Granted, I hate Flash as much as anyone, but I couldn't imagine trying to view web sites who use Flash for navigation purposes. (Granted, most of this is quite useless, but I consider Flash to be a necessary evil, unfortunately .. at least until/unless the web ever goes back to substance over style.)

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