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Mozilla & Gecko clones Here is a page discussing various myths surrounding Firefox. "We have all seen these banners before or heard people say 'Firefox is faster, Firefox has lower requirements, Firefox is secure, Firefox defends me from all spyware, etc.' How misleading is it? Read on." Flame away. And be gentle. That's an order. And here's a rebuttal.
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Still a better browser
by siki_miki on Wed 25th Jan 2006 23:44 UTC
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With any firefox I tend to have problems with rendering (even showing) some websites, possibly because of non-standard HTML, but pages work in IE and opera. Example:

Crashing? Happens but rarely.
It is much younger browser than Opera, IE, so I still expect it. But it is much more stable and mature than in 0.3 version when I begun using it.

It may also be slower (because UI is written in high-level language), but that is completely irrelevant today.
What IS relevant is it's extensibility. With it you can do things by far not possible on any other browser, and thus it's the best browser.

Extensions aren't a BIG security risk because a) not many people use same extension, b) not many extensions are related to HTML handling (aren't exposable to security risk by design).

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