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Mozilla & Gecko clones Here is a page discussing various myths surrounding Firefox. "We have all seen these banners before or heard people say 'Firefox is faster, Firefox has lower requirements, Firefox is secure, Firefox defends me from all spyware, etc.' How misleading is it? Read on." Flame away. And be gentle. That's an order. And here's a rebuttal.
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RE[2]: Bullshit
by Termal on Thu 26th Jan 2006 13:48 UTC in reply to "RE: Bullshit"
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FACT : The only time when using another browser didn't help was Windows's recent "WMF security issue". This was a Windows issue...NOT a browser issue.

Actually that's not a fact. Yes, Opera and Firefox opened a dialog box and if you hit "open" you'd be hit, but with IE at default settings you wouldn't even need to do that; it'd just open up the WMF file automatically. So while alternate browsers weren't proof against the flaw, they certainly did help.

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