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Linux Linus posted on the Linux Kernel Mailing List today and said that the kernel will not be moving to GPLv3. "The Linux kernel is under the GPL version 2. Not anything else. Some individual files are licenceable under v3, but not the kernel in general. And quite frankly, I don't see that changing."
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by CrLf on Thu 26th Jan 2006 14:08 UTC
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"but most people get them from the GNU/Linux distribution and they all release there kernel version under GPL v.2+ and probably will move to GPL v3+ , because there lawyer teams will advise them to do so."

You do realise that that is completely wrong, don't you?

If a piece of code is explicitly under the GPLv2, it _cannot_ be relicensed under the GPLv3. The Linux kernel has code under multiple licenses, some of it is under a GPLv2-or-later license, some is under a GPLv2-only license and other parts are dual licensed (BSD/GPLv2+, ...). These licenses are all compatible, but that means that the kernel license as a whole cannot be changed without permission from everybody that has ever contributed to the parts that would require changing.

Besides... no distribution changes the licensing terms of any of its components. That notion is insane and completely wrong. Where did you get that from...?

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