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Apple Some more news on Apple's Intel Macs. First off, contrary to what OSNews reported on yesterday, a research and investment firm says that sales of the Intel iMac and MacBook Pro are good. Secondly, a contest has been set up to get Windows XP to boot on the Intel Macs.
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by werfu on Thu 26th Jan 2006 21:41 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: ...."
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Grub won't help out WinXP to recognise EFI... Windows surely still use some real mode BIOS call during the boot process. I guess you'll have more chance by writting a plugin for the EFI that emulate a BIOS.

EFI is greatly extensible, but still I would have like it to create a revolution and to permit low-level driver, so we could have wrote code like used to do in real mode but directly in protected mode...

A question? Are the Mactel booting in protected mode? This would be awesome. If so I want one ;)

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