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ReactOS People visiting the ReactOS website today were in for a shock. "Accusations have been made by some of ReactOS' own developers about certain parts of ReactOS code. The project is suspending development pending legal council. The project will resume once the issue has been rectified." I could not find any more information, as the links to the mailinglist archives are dead.
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What's a "fast call"?
by Quietleaf on Thu 26th Jan 2006 22:42 UTC
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I've done a lot of x86 assembly programming in my day, but I'm wondering what "fast call" means. To me a call is CALL <proc> (or INT xx, which is anything but fast, and you wouldn't want to do that in Windows -- grin). I understand the idea of protected-mode calls that involve the CPU performing a lookup into the global and/or local descriptor tables (and I've done some neat things with them back in the old EMM386.EXE days). Does the fast call concept have to do with this?

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