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ReactOS People visiting the ReactOS website today were in for a shock. "Accusations have been made by some of ReactOS' own developers about certain parts of ReactOS code. The project is suspending development pending legal council. The project will resume once the issue has been rectified." I could not find any more information, as the links to the mailinglist archives are dead.
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Smoked idea... :P
by Marco Ravich on Thu 26th Jan 2006 23:17 UTC
Marco Ravich
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Why not move to OS/2 ?
Wanna remember all of you that today Windows comes from NT that was something a "backdoor into IBM's a$$".
Many petitions (mine too) and a little little baby: os3ree (

Microsoft has just released their code, so ReactOS goal now sounds like "reinventing the weel".

If i remember well, IBM can't relese 'some parts of the code' so: why don't we 'revive the phoenix' ?

(I think that IBM would be proud to 'open a backdoor' into a MicroSoft "world"...)

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