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Novell and Ximian Novell is running a survey on which applications people are most interested in getting ported to Linux. With enough votes, they'll take the highest ranked ones and present the results to the companies, hopefully in persuading them to consider that there is a market. You can read a preliminary report, or take the survey yourself.
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RE: Novell?
by DeadFishMan on Fri 27th Jan 2006 01:52 UTC in reply to "Novell?"
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And Novell plans to convince the industry to port these apps how exactly? First of all, none of the vendors who own the products on their list are unaware of the Linux market. It's not like Novell is going to come along and let them in on the big secret they've been missing out on all this time. And why should these vendors listen to Novell when its own Linux future is uncertain. The simple fact is that all those products listed are non-server applications and we all know that Linux has very little market share on the desktop.

AutoCAD and Photoshop as desktop applications... Yeah, right. Never mind the workstations and people that REALLY knows what to do with such tools! (rolls eyes...)

Listen, I agree that it would be pretty hard for Novell (or anyone else, as a matter of fact) convince all these software houses to port their wares to Linux but this sort of initiative, backed by Novell, could serve the purpose of gathering information regarding whether jumping aboard the Linux bandwagon would be feasible (and profitable, of course) to them. It could turns out as some sort of free market research for these companies.

Regarding your assertion about the Linux market share on the desktop, itīs probably higher than Appleīs nowadays when you realize that there is a whole world outside the USA borders and that Apple tries to sell their stuff at outrageous prices over there. In other words, makes more sense to target Linux overall than MacOS, which is said as being second in relevance. Spare your words rebutting this because we all know that there are a few pieces missing that needs to be in place before the ISVs starts to deploy Linux versions of their software, but the day will come. You can be sure about that.

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