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Windows In an interesting turn of events, Microsoft has said that the current Aero interface in the latest Vista build (the December CTP) is not the final UI, saying: "There are going to be GUI changes in Vista by the time the final release comes." However, not too long ago they claimed the current Aero UI was final. Will the real Microsoft developer please stand up?
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RE: luna
by prismX on Fri 27th Jan 2006 02:23 UTC in reply to "luna"
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Your arguments are very strong.
But The biggest problem of Windows GUI is that it does not really let to tweak it significantly changing parameters or just customize as it can be done for ex. in KDE. The concept of Windows GUI seems most logical, but this limited customizable pisses off a lot of people.
I always wondered why Windows cannot include a basic GUI packages and advanced buttons for further customization. The same could be said regarding the security, MS could configure different level of security and give choice to people during or after Windows install, or at least from the Control panel. If somebody is smarter, so always could be an advanced option.
The same mistake are made now in Vista, at least to this point: not everybody likes these colors (though I do like), so why not to give a choice to people...
Think about it...

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