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General Unix "Is Unix dead? My answer is no, it's not dead. As a matter of fact, I think I hear it laughing on its way to the bank. Fewer Unix systems are being shipped, but they're commanding a higher premium than ever. Unix still represents a $2 billion [EUR 1.7 billion] market, the largest operating-system market by far. Despite Windows Server recent gains, it still represents about $1.6 billion [EUR 1.3 billion], when you're looking at operating system-only revenues. And Linux in terms of revenues represents one-tenth of what the good, gray Unixes combined represent. Granted the future belongs to Linux, but as a $2 billion market, is Unix dead?"
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by dikatlon on Fri 27th Jan 2006 20:50 UTC
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It was better in the past...UNIX is from the past.
So nothing suprisingly :=)

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