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Apple "Apple became a household name in the third quarter of SuperBowl XVIII when it aired the enormously popular 1984 ad promoting the upcoming release of the Macintosh. Apple's PR firm, Chiat/Day, had pitched a similar ad in 1982 to promote the Apple II. The basic premise was that the Apple II would only enable people, and not hinder them with inane commands and hard to understand interfaces. No executives were particularly enamored with the spot, and it was filed away for possible later use."
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RE: The start of it
by postmodern on Fri 27th Jan 2006 22:41 UTC in reply to "The start of it"
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Dead on. This was exactly what I was trying to puzzle out when I read about people complaining they no longer had a built in S-video port, yet completely ignored that Apple built a Dual-Core laptop.

The snobbery and rarity is just annoying, and psychologically defensive of that your product is not widely used/liked/developed. You can also see this in the BSD (cough, OpenBSD) and Linux (cough, Debian) communities.

Of recent, it appears Apple is finally addressing the complaints of the masses, that they want a cheaper iMac, an x86-fast iBook. Also the BSD/Linux community is getting over their own primadonnaness by actually addressing the weak areas ;)

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