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ReactOS "There has been a lot of talk about possible tainted code in ReactOS and or developers that had access to leaked Microsoft source code. This has caused a lot of speculation about the future of the ReactOS Project. I'm going to try to put those fears to rest and explain what has been going on and where we are going to go from here. There was one issue that started this discussion and it related to clean-room reverse engineering of certain code in ReactOS."
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RE: Heh... My guess
by PlatformAgnostic on Sat 28th Jan 2006 04:52 UTC in reply to "Heh... My guess"
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I just looked this up. According to a guy on the NT networking team,, NT Ver. >3.5 uses a completely microsoft TCP/IP stack. The userland utilities like nslookup and ping might still be BSD-based, but the actual stack is not particularly BSD.


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