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OSNews, Generic OSes This Visopsys 0.61 maintenance release adds Disk Manager support for resizing NTFS filesystems and arbitrary partitions, purely unprivileged user-space processes, I/O port permissions and protection, IDE block mode I/O, Linux swap detection and clobber, improved atomic kernel locks, many C library additions, a calendar program, and bugfixes.
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RE: Visopsys 0.61 under QEmu 0.8.0
by andymc on Sat 28th Jan 2006 15:24 UTC in reply to "Visopsys 0.61 under QEmu 0.8.0"
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Hi all, it's Andy the main Visopsys developer.

I've never tested on Qemu before now but today I installed it and debugged this problem (hang in the mouse driver). I have a source code patch if anyone wants it (email, otherwise here's an ISO image that should work with Qemu 0.8.0:

I guess I'll add Qemu to my testing regimen ;)


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