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Windows Digg users just "dugg" an item from Silicon Valley Sleuth to the top of their queue. The article asks boldly, "is Windows Vista really vapourware?" Although the article discounts some legitimate strides Microsoft is making with things like IE7, Least-Privileged User Account, and Windows Defender, there's little doubt that Windows Vista is a far cry from what we were promised a few short years ago.
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Third parties ...
by WorknMan on Sat 28th Jan 2006 15:29 UTC
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In the end, Vista won't do anything that Windows XP can't do already with a little help from third party vendors.

I wonder which of the third party applications out there can rewrite the audio stack and put it into user space, so that individual applications can take control over their own audio settings.

But in general, he's right, though that happens to be one of Windows's strengths, IMHO. There are so many third party apps out there that do so much, you'd be hard pressed to find much that can't be done already.

It's true that a lot of the new features in Vista that are touted the most tend to point out all the 'shiny' new things about the GUI, but I blame that more on Generation iPod, who seem to value style over substance. Even if MS put a bad-ass Directory Opus-like file manager into the OS, it probably wouldn't fair as well as a new WMP because a) It's too much power for the average user and b) It doesn't sparkle and look 'stylish' enough.

It's just too bad that most people tend to ignore all the changes under the hood, such as a new protected admin user type.

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