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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris In a weblog entry, Sun's President Jonathan Schwartz has announced that Sun is looking into applying a dual-license scheme to OpenSolaris-- CDDL and GPL3. "We recognize that diversity and choice are important - which is why we've begun looking at the possibility of releasing Solaris (and potentially the entire Solaris Enterprise System), under dual open source licenses. CDDL (which allows customer IP to safely comingle with Solaris source code) and under the Free Software Foundation's GPL3."
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RE: Well...
by CrLf on Sat 28th Jan 2006 21:46 UTC in reply to "Well..."
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"The more licenses available, the greater the choice for developers."

I'm afraid that, the more licenses available, the more confusion, the more source ghettos are created because of license incompatibilities.

I like the GPL(v2), and how it protects the FOSS developers from code-predators, but I'm starting to understand what the BSD license advocates have been saying for years... (not necessarily agreeing with them, though, as I still think the GPL is what makes corporations unafraid to contribute back to the projects they use/sponsor).

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