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Windows Customers and partners who've been holding their breath waiting for Beta 2 of Windows Vista before getting serious about testing Microsoft's next-generation operating system can exhale. There will be no single, catch-all Beta 2 of Vista, according to Jim Allchin, co-president of Microsoft's Platform Products & Services Division. Instead, Microsoft is planning to rely increasingly on CTP builds to get its feedback from Windows testers. Elsehwere, Allchin said you should buy Vista for its security enhancements.
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Unix security model
by DeadFishMan on Sun 29th Jan 2006 06:35 UTC
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To those criticizing the Unix security model when compared with Windows', all I have to say is that you do have a point when saying that the users files could be compromised but our point is that you can restrict the effects to that one user.

Consider that on most corporate scenarios (and even most domestic scenarios), a computer is shared by several employees (or family members) and therefore there will be multiple profiles on that particular system. Now imagine clueless user A downloading and running a malware from the Internet that ends up wiping all his files. Yep, that's sad but the good part was that clueless users B, C, D and E's files were saved. No system nor other users files were erased or otherwise compromised after that.

This is so much more than current Windows releases can claim. If Vista will change something on this regard, we're yet to see.

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