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Windows This is already a fairly old article, but I'm pretty confident it never made OSNews' front page. In this article, the author proves that Windows XP can be installed, and 'run', on processors with as little as 8MHz. "The target of this project was to find the weakest system where you can run Windows XP. Keep in mind, that Microsoft official requirements are a CPU with 233 MHz an 64 MB of RAM. But that had to be beaten!"
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There is a certain registry tree you can delete to force it to auto-redetect hardware after a motherboard type swap. Doesn't always work but it hasn't failed me personally yet. Actually, in every instance I've done a mobo/proc swap the systems booted. it complained, and took two or three reboots to install all the drivers (automatically expect network/video obviously)

Neat trick. I'll research more for it as I needed something like this one of these days. It could prevent me from hosing my WinXP setup when I switched the mobo.

Haven't had the same luck with Linux. It ate my desktop once. hehe. No disrespect to Linux (i use it daily)

It's the exact opposite to me. Linux seems to be more tolerant to hardware changes. Most distros run by default some sort of hardware detection during boot (ala kudzu) that changes system settings accordingly to the respective hardware changes. Mepis survived flawlessly my mobo change. Windows XP didn't.

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