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Microsoft Microsoft's C++/CLI Language Specification is an ECMA Standard (ECMA-372) and they are trying to fast track this document to be an ISO standard. The problem is that the language specified is very different from C++ and so is likely to create a great deal of confusion. Details can be found in the UK objections [.pdf], which suggest that a name distinct from C++ be used for the proposed language.
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RE: What's the problem
by dsmogor on Sun 29th Jan 2006 21:03 UTC in reply to "What's the problem"
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That's OK. The whole fuss is about not calling the new language so it can be confused with real C++ a it's not much closer (given its intended usage practices) to C++ than to say C#.
The document explained why the confusion (which MS actually intentionally spurs) is hurtfull to C++ and beneficial to MS.
Besides some features in the language are syntactic sugar which are to lure C++ developers from the standard.

Generally it's interesting if there're means to stop MS from calling their hibrid languages what they aren't.

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