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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Recently, there have been a couple of articles on errata making the rounds, the first on Intel, the second on AMD. They both make my head hurt. A lot. No, not the errata, but the explanations, and lack of understanding of some simple concepts. When the first one, Intel, came out, I was teetering on the verge of breaking out the cluestick, but thought the better of it. When the conspiracy theory second article came out, well time to spring into action, two days late as usual."
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RE[2]: What's got me shocked...
by Brendan on Mon 30th Jan 2006 05:00 UTC in reply to "RE: What's got me shocked..."
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It depends on how you count it:

The "Mobile Intel Pentium 4 supporting hyper-threading on 90 nm process technology" has 56 errata listed.

The "Intel Pentium 4 processor on 90 nm process technology" has 38 errata listed.

The "Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor-M" has 92 errata listed.

These are the only specification updates I have on my hard drive (there's probably more I haven't got yet, for newer CPUs).

Now, if you add them all up you'd have more than 100 errata items, but some of them would be duplicates.

If you pick the worst, then you're looking at 92 errata items. If you read the fine print (the summary of changes) you'll notice that this specification covers 8 different steppings, and there isn't one single stepping that is effected by all errata. The worst is the B2 stepping which is effected by 71 of them. The best is the D1 which is only effected by 40 of them.


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