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Windows "On Wednesday morning, I met with Microsoft co-president Jim Allchin, the man most directly responsible for Windows Vista and Longhorn Server, the company's upcoming client and server operating system releases. Allchin is a soft-spoken, intelligent man with decades of industry experience, the last 15 years of which were spent at Microsoft. I've run into Mr. Allchin at various events throughout the years, but the last time I sat down with him for a one-on-one meeting was in August 2001, when we discussed the then-upcoming release of Windows XP. With Windows Vista on track for a late 2006 release, Allchin hit the road to meet with members of the technical press."
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RE[2]: Vista Shmista
by porcel on Mon 30th Jan 2006 20:48 UTC in reply to "RE: Vista Shmista"
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You posted the standard nonsense about how Linux is too hard to use.

Odd thing, for some reason a lot more people than a few percent seemed to be able to work with Linux long before Windows ever made an appearance. Of course they called it unix in those days, but what's in a name?

Earlier computer systems were even more primitive and being operated NOT by MIT graduates but by Joe or Jane promoted from the typing pool.

For that matter how do you think the earliest word processors and such worked? Point and click? Nor were they being used by Harvard graduates. Just people with barely a diploma in home economics.

Nah, linux is easy. It is just called hard by the amazingly lazy who do not want to be bothered having to relearn their fine button clicking skills.

In the real world, people have used all kinds of systems and continue to do so. You would be suprised how many companies still run their essential software via ancient terminals that make you wish you were running Linux.

XP needs an antivirus, Linux doesn't, unless you are serving files to windows machines. That slows it down. Windows needs an anti-spyware program, which takes time and effort to run, time I don't have to waste on bullshit that I shouldn't have to worry about.

So, keep burying your head in the sand and telling us how user-friendly and difficult Linux is. I have built a very successful business out of transitioning people to Linux, which they pay me for and for which I offer a full refund. Not once in the last three years have I had a customer come back and demand a refund. In fact, word of mouth is my best form of advertising.

Stick to your delusions, they make me money.

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