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Apple MacSpeedZone has benchmarked the new Intel iMac, and they conclude something completely different than MacWorld did not too long ago. "We are pleased to report that our testing results show that the new Dual Core Intel iMac, which clocks in at 2X 2.0GHz is almost as fast as the current high-end Power Mac that has two Dual Core G5 processors running at 2.5GHz." And so it seems people can't seem to come to a consensus on anything related to the Intel iMac. Whether it be speed, or sales.
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Johann Chua
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An all-in-one design is a little much to expect of a case maker. Apple makes the whole widget, remember? Besides, I remember old Compaqs that basically had the iMac G5 design, only uglier. The Mac mini is very good for what it is, but PC users like having more choices when it comes to hardware, which the ultra-slim form factor limits; external peripherals kinda negate the whole point of making it so small, IMO.

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