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Windows Microsoft will omit anti-virus protection in Vista, the next version of Windows, which it plans to ship late this year. As with previous versions of Windows dating back to Windows 2000 at least, Redmond is promoting Vista as a landmark improvement in Windows security. Jim Allchin, co-president of Microsoft's platform products and services division, told reseller magazine CRN that safety and security, improved user experience, and mobility features will be key additions in Vista. But there will be no anti-virus software, the Windows development supremo said during a questions and answers session with CRN. For unspecified business (not technical) reasons, Microsoft will sell anti-virus protection to consumers through its OneCare online backup and security service.
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"At any rate, excuse my bitterness toward Linux in terms of its system-wide settings. (or lack thereof) I've been setting up my own Linux workstation for the past few days, and it amazes me as to how seemingly simple tasks can be made so unnecessarily complicated. For example, I had to change multiple configurations and alter symlinks just to upgrade Firefox."

Interesting that you have to go through that. It is not complicated, and those steps are not necessary on say the Suse or Mandriva distros. For what you are doing it sounds like you may want one of those. I do not know what distro you are using, but those steps should not be necessary, and it is not normal to have to do that.

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