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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The NexentaOS project has released the 2nd alpha of their OpenSolaris distribution, which uses the Debian userland and tools. It includes a new installer (with auto-partitioning), the addition of KDE, WiFi drivers, full support from booting off of removable drives such as USB sticks, the complete Mono platform including Beagle, Java runtime environment, OpenSolaris build 30, and much more. You can visit the getting started page (screenshots included), read the changelog, and then proceed to the downloads.
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RE: I will try it
by erast on Tue 31st Jan 2006 04:32 UTC in reply to "I will try it"
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opensolaris is a "raw material" and do not offer some drivers developed outside by OSS. NexentaOS integrates all thes drivers together. Things like popular sound and wireless cards should work out of the box.

But really, drivers availability is the matter of time when you have stable kernel DDI. This is where GNU/Solaris makess a lot of difference comparing to GNU/Linux. You write your driver once and it will work as a binary without rebuild for each minor kernel update. For instance, drivers for Solaris 8 will work with OpenSolaris b30 which proves how good kernel interfaces beeing designed at the first place.

GNU/Solaris brings stability to the GNU world. IMHO

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