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Apple "The recent move by Apple Computer to begin shipping Macintosh computers that use microprocessors from Intel could open the door to more attacks against computers running the company's OS X operating system, security experts warn. The change could put more pressure on Apple to build security features into OS X, according to interviews conducted by eWEEK. Apple declined requests for interviews. In an e-mail statement, the company said that the security technologies and processes that have made Mac OS X secure for PowerPC remain the same for Intel-based Macs." Update: Here's a rebuttal.
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If your going to write a virus/worm or design shellcode for an exploit you must write custom assembly code or use someone else's.

And yes it is subjective, like I said some people enjoy PPC asm, most find x86 easier to grasp. Most people find "mov" very similar to "move", and there are fewer directives required for basic things like invoking syscalls.

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